The Importance of Sustainable Practices as an Eco-conscious Brand

The Importance of Sustainable Practices as an Eco-conscious Brand

When buying an Enfematic product, not only is it amazing for your skin and healthy for your home - it's a sustainable product beneficial for your health and the planet 🌎

Our sustainable practices takes all forms of product production into consideration. From creating plant-based biodegradable products, using environmentally friendly and versatile packaging and utilizing recyclable shipping products.

But why do these sustainable practices matter to us?

Waste Reduction

Our planet is currently undergoing a waste crisis. As a business that provides products, doing our part to reduce consumer waste is highly important to us.

We use glass and limit our plastic use because annually - as Canadians - we throw away over 3 million ton of plastic and only 9% of it gets recycled (Plastic waste and pollution reduction, 2021).

We always look for ways to reduce our waste even further. This includes how we process and think about our packaging.

We promote the up-cycling of all our products, such as our glass jars/bottles -  which you can reuse for arts and crafts, to store food, or use them for planting. Our packaging always contains recyclable or up-cycled packaging products, as we want to reduce the amount of waste in landfills. 

*All non biodegradable packaging products are used with the intent and purpose of up-cycling and recycling.

Natural Ingredients

We use plant-based and naturally-derived ingredients because not only are they biodegradable and prevent toxic waste - but that, plant-based and naturally derived ingredients are highly beneficial for our health and bodies. Natural ingredients provide better skin nutrition. Plant oils and butters naturally contain minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fatty acids which are essential for skin health. Natural ingredients also reduce the chances of allergic reactions, as synthetic products can often irritate skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne.

Ethical Sourcing

How we source our materials and who are sourcing our materials is deeply important as we pride ourselves on the quality of our ingredients. We always do extensive research on our suppliers to ensure their methods of extracting materials, are in line with our values of ethical sourcing. Our top priorities are ensuring that those who are extracting the materials are being paid a fair and liveable wage and working in stable conditions, the materials being extracted are without GMOs and pesticides and are high quality. Our suppliers must have the following certifications: EcoCert, FairTrade, Cruelty-Free, and GMO-free.

We only have one planet to live on, and we got to make it count. Please do your part to recycle and up-cycle as much as possible to reduce demand for plastics and non-biodegradables.

About Enfematic: Enfematic is an Ottawa-based brand dedicated to creating and providing 100% natural and organic products to keep your mind calm, skin soft, and the body well. We handcraft all natural whipped Shea body butters, lip balms, bar soaps, soy candles, and aromatherapy products. Plant-based, cruelty-free, for all skin types.

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