Give Back Program

The Give back Program is Enfematic's green initiative in reducing waste and reusing recyclable products. 98% of Enfematic's packaging can be reused and recycled. From our glass jars, gift bags, tissue paper, shipping boxes and filler - Enfematic is an environmentally conscious brand that strives to be 100% reusable and recyclable products.

How to participate in the Give Back Program:

After purchasing and returning 7 clean Enfematic body butter and/or candle jars, you may choose one free candle or body butter of your choosing.

How to clean jars:

  • For butters: wash jars with warm water and soap
  • For candles: put the jar in a bowl of hot water to melt leftover wax. Wipe out jar with a cloth/paper towel, then wash out with warm water and soap

If you would like to keep and reuse your jars, that's great too! Eliminating waste is what we're about for a happy, healthy, and clean earth!

*Please note: If you are returning jars via Canada Post, you are responsible for the shipping costs. However, in receiving your free butter or candle via Canada Post, I will cover shipping costs. Your free item will be shipped to you when your returned jars have been accounted for (meaning they are in my physical presence).