'Pick Me Up' Eye Serum

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(Originally $22.50) Want to get rid of those tired puffy eyes? Well, it's just your luck! The 'Pick Me Up' Eye Serum is formulated to achieve bright and restful eyes for all skin types! This heavy oil, packed with antioxidants, is non comedogenic and absorbs well into skin.

Plus, with its scents of Ginger and Orange, it keeps you energized throughout the day!

Uses: Apply Roll-On 1-3 times underneath eyes, lightly pat application area for absorbency. The ball in the Roll-On, is stainless steal to provide effective application. Use serum before you apply your moisturizer. You can also leave the product in the fridge overnight to amplify the eye depuffing effects! Can be used AM and PM. If product comes in contact with eyes, flush out with cool water.

(Limited stock, product will be discontinued)

Key Ingredients: Sea Buckthorn Oil, Green Tea Oil, Borage Oil.

Ingredients: Ginger Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil*, German Chamomile Essential Oil (blended with Jojoba Oil), Frankincense Essential Oil*, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Borage Oil*, Green Tea Oil (Maceration)*, Baobab Oil*, Apricot Oil*, Vitamin E Oil*.


*Size 10ml*